Protect Your Patients and Reputation

Agiliti Safety Report - Small Details that Drive Big Impacts on Healthcare OutcomesWith the increasing demands of value-based care, small factors that influence clinical quality and patient safety now fuel a larger business-outcomes engine. In this new environment, there’s simply no room for risk; there’s no such thing as a harmless shortcut. Yet, several concerning gaps have emerged in the clinical quality chain — and many are sitting right at your patients’ bedsides and operating tables.

This 4-Part Safety Report Covers:

  • The Quality Engine: How the Vendors You Choose Impact Your Facility
  • Why “ISO-certified” Isn’t Enough: The Difference Between ISO 13485 and ISO 9001
  • Understanding ANSI: What New Standards Mean for Your Laser Operators
  • Evaluating Vendor Quality: Best Practices for Closing the Quality Gap


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