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Addressing the Biggest Questions from ANSI’s 2018 Standards Updates

Wibinar: No Wizards Required: How to Address Changes to ANSI Standards in Your OROn June 26, 2019, Agiliti partnered with the Laser Institute of America (LIA) to lead a conversation on how OR professionals can ensure compliance to the updated 2018 ANSI Standard (ANSI Z136.3 – 2018) and improve their laser safety program.

In the webinar, Gus Anibarro of the Laser Institute and Richard Gama of Agiliti broke down three of the most misunderstood ANSI requirements and what steps you can take to enhance your laser safety program. Together, they covered:

  • The connection between ANSI and regulatory/accreditation agencies
  • Requirements for Laser Safety Officers
  • Importance of Laser Operator training and certification
  • Why Laser Operators must avoid competing responsibilities
  • Establishing a thorough intake/assessment process for third-party laser services
  • Steps to immediately enhance your Laser Safety Program

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